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A wonderful website which works can put your customers in the picture with words, pictures, sounds and movies   Put your customers in this picture

A website is the most cost-effective marketing for most businesses which can market your goods and services tirelessly 24/7 - around the world.

We design and deploy websites that work for the owners, blending our clients' goals with many years of experience to achieve the best website for the job.

Your website needs to communicate clearly and effectively - whatever its purpose. Fergus has taught human communication at tertiary level for several years and is accomplished at getting a message across with words and pictures using the internet.

Image is everything” - you may have heard something like this and while any business owner knows there is a lot more to operating a successful enterprise, on the Internet “information is everything”.

There are 3 key features any business needs to address in it's website if the website is to help the business achieve it's goals:
  1. the website must rank well in internet searches
  2. the website listing must encourage visits (clicks)
  3. the website must be user-friendly

1. Prominence in Searches

If your website doesn't feature prominently in internet searches then it will need to be promoted independently in order to attract visits (traffic). Our approach is to make sure that your site achieves conspicuous placement in relevant search results.

There are many factors which influence your search rankings and they need to be incorporated when the site is built, retrofitting SEO typically adds unnecessary expense or is ineffective.

Here are some examples of the rankings we've achieved on Google which you can verify for yourself (click on the search term to see the google results):

Search term Website Goal/Comments Google #[§]
creative recording studio pixrecords.com promote studio services for creative musicians 1/16,600,000
chemical supply price list pocdscientific.com.au build sales leads for range of laboratory chemicals 1/9,780,000
personal manifestation amulets majistyks.com promote sales of hand-made empowerment amulets 1/2,060,000
blood analysis photometer pocd.com.au build sales leads for Point of Care Hemo Control Blood Analysis device 1/287,000
pawpaw cancer treatment middlepath.com.au promote sales pawpaw tea to cancer sufferers 1/53,700
professional website creation management middlepathonline.com promote our website creation and management services 2/233,000,000
lemon remedy middlepath.com.au promote sales of an ebook using google 2/251,000,000
smudge sticks eartharomas.com.au promote sales of smudging products 3/277,000
[§] ranking in May, 2010; current position will likely be different but you should be able to verify the prominence of the site's ranking.

2. Encouraging visits

Its all very well being #1 on Google but will people click the link?

The way google presents your site in their search results will have a huge influence on whether people will click on the link and actually visit your site.

We understand this and know what needs to be done to make sure the google listing encourages people to click on the link to create traffic for your website.

3. User-friendliness

If you have been using the internet for any length of time you will no doubt have come across website which seemed to have what you wanted but, when you visited the site, you just couldn't find what you were looking for.

This single factor has doomed more internet ventures to a slow death than any other.

Once you have website traffic you need to make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. If the website doesn't do that its like a going into a shop and asking for help from a surly shop assistant - all that happens is that the customer wants to go somewhere else where people want to help.

In this respect, websites are no different from the real world - if you want people to shop there you need to make them feel welcome and that you want to help them find what they want.

This is where communications - verbal, visual and emotional come into play. You will know this from your own experience in the real world, when you are getting a website built you need someone who know how to get that across on a website. We know how.

Websites do not need to be expensive to be effective or successful - we offer quality work at reasonable prices so that businesses can exploit the power of the internet to attract new custom without incurring a huge financial burden.

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Fergus Reilly PhD
Middle Path Online,
Maleny, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

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